Over the past eight years I have served at two churches, one as an associate minister and the other as a solo pastor.  In that time I have led several retreats when I have had “spare” time.  But the truth is I love leading retreats.  I love coming together with those interested in growing spiritually and learning from each other as we travel this journey of faith.  As a retreat leader, I see myself as a facilitator.  Using such tools as journaling, writing exercises, and collage, we explore together the inmost desires of our heart that God has given us for our life, for our church, and/or for our vocation.  Using prayer and meditation, we seek to deepen our relationship with God our Creator, who instills in us our creative tendencies and gifts, and how we might use our gifts to deepen our connection to the Divine and find deeper meaning in our own lives.

The most popular retreat I have led is for womens groups on Spirituality in Life and Work–Finding Meaning in What We Do, Finding Time for Spiritual Life.  I have led three such retreats since 2008, covering such topics in the retreat on Prayer Practices: Deepening our Relationship with God, Finding Meaning in our Journey of Life: exploring our life’s journey so far through the mountains and valleys, Finding Time in our Lives: Slowing Down from a Fast-Paced World, and Co-Creating a Vision of my Life: using collage to creatively express a vision of our life that is in line with our hopes and dreams.  I have also led sessions of larger retreats using one or two of these topics.

For churches, I have led retreats (both day-long and overnight) in Co-Creating Vision with Christ.  We focus on the passage from Habbakuk 2:2 “Write the vision; make it plain so that a runner might read it.”  Exercises during the retreat focus on what it is we want as individuals in our relationship with God, where do we get bogged down in our church life and day-to-day tasks, and creating a simple vision statement–not the be-all and end-all of vision statements, but a vision statement that points us in the right direction, that we can work towards deepening our relationship with Christ and with each other, and improving goals.  From that vision statement, churches are encouraged to follow-up in aligning their structure and mission towards the vision co-created with Christ.

For clergy, I have led workshops on Spiritual Writing.  Using different writing exercises, we explore how we might delve into feeding our own relationship with Christ using the creative gift of writing.

For youth, I have led workshops on Faith and Pop Culture.  Using popular music, TV, literature, film and other genres, we explore how we might find God in the everyday world we live in.

If you are interested in having me lead a workshop or a full-day retreat, please contact me at revmindi@gmail.com  I would be happy to hear from you.


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